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MK Boy
07-05-2001, 01:52 AM
Hi Guys,

I have absolutely no problem with a guy in a Polo or Fiat or Corolla or anything for that matter coming alongside and complimenting the car and keeping up - between robots and enjoying my cars performance. Hell I'll even give the guy a couple of Demo's.

Last night however I pull out of the parking lot (there were cars coming down) and give it stick. The inside of my car get's lighted up from the prick in the outside lanes, brights - he didn't even come within 50m's. Then a couple of hundred meters down the road we come up to a red light. I am at the front and he is behind me. I can hear him revving, so I give it stick and open up about 100m's in a 300m stretch.

Next light he pulls up beside me, revving again - two of your home boy types. I need to do a U turn at the next light, he screetches away and without even trying I stay beside him and pull across two lanes to turn right. He follows and pulls into the left, right turn lane. I pull a U turn and the hear some comments, he then drops his clutch and scretches off down the road, we were on.

What a Prick. You know what the really funny thing is - the S2000 in this country is actually nearly $2000 more expensive than the M3, Shame.

I look forward to decent dices and drives - not harrassment by homeboys.

MK Boy

07-05-2001, 10:02 AM
s2000,i wouldn't even bother .its a death trap vehicle with an overtuned engine.The new m3 would smoke it badly,stock for stock.Its a dam honda

Bavarian Motor Works
07-05-2001, 02:29 PM
I drove my friend's S2000 for a day, and I laughed hard at how the car SOUNDS like it's accelerating faster than an F16, but in reality it's getting absolutely destroyed by five car lengths by an e36 M3 to 90MPH. And this was a low rated 240HP American e36 M3, not a Euro 321HP model.

The S2000 is the king car of the Rice Boys, they pray to this civic convertible like the Tifosi rightfully do to a Ferrari.

Very disappointing car IMHO, and seriously overhyped by younger drivers that have little to no experience in a real sports car.

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