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07-05-2001, 04:01 AM

MK Boy
07-05-2001, 06:36 AM
I actually posted the results a couple of weeks ago - the Race's were between my brothers M5 and my friend E36 M3 (Dakar - I think the colour slowed him down ;-) ).

We only had about 3 proper dices and all from standstill - the first was on Witkoppen at the robots just past the Beef and Lobster, going toward 4ways. The inside lane ends about 30 - 40 meters after the intersection, so I took this lane and let my mate have the clear lane. We were both at the front of the robot and are only allowed to move on green.

Light turned and I had a sling shot pull off, rode it nicely from about 4000rpms, 1st gear I had launched a full car length ahead of him, 2nd I gained at least another car length and a half on him. By the time I shifted into 4th and was going up toward the top of the hill (braking time) - I had opened up around 50 - 60m's on him.

To give you a comparrison in my old E36 I used to just beat him, possibly because of quicker changes - but mainly because I had one of those strong cars. I always used to outpace another bog standard M3. This though was very marginal and your talking maybe a car length by the time your in 4th.

I was very impressed.

The next dice we had was going straight across Main road (still on Witkoppen), going toward Monte Casino - that intersection is rough. This time the result was even uglier and I had opened up 50m halfway through 3rd. The M differencial did wonders negotiating that intersection, I also found that in dices with my brother - he always battles with traction especially through rough intersection. My little baby bogs down and rockets out of there.

Against the M5 I take him every time in 1st, 2nd and into 3rd - then he starts closing up rapidly and cruises past me at about 170 km/h. Never get more than about 2 full car lengths in front of him.

MK Boy

Ps I have to try the M5 a few more times, when the engines a little loser

MK Boy
07-05-2001, 07:30 AM
you guys still having problems with you servers.

Just said that my brother had a Rob Green stage one done on his car, and for the money and the hassles he had from BMW it was not worth it.

The E36 Computer was really cool and could be changed easily by just inputting the year of manufacture when prompted for a code (or something like that) and it would change the computer, giving you access to several other handy features.

Actual velocity and actual fuel tank capacity being the most convenient.


MK Boy

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