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07-06-2001, 05:37 PM
In case u did not realize the thread u jumped in on had taken a personal tone. I don't mind someone offering a different opinion, but to simply disrespecting someone without saying anything more will upset most people, that is how the thread got its legs.

U make some valid points and my argument was not with u. I can appreciate someone who knows their facts and presents them in a collected manner. I agree with most of your points BUT I consider the Z06 to be a good ole vette with a slightly different marketing ext on its name since the main difference is some more HP. I think the M3 is very different from the 3 series so there I can understand it being treated as a whole different vehicle. Again, feel free to disagree.

The interior quality issue is not worth arguing about. You think it is acceptable for a 50K car, I disagree.

The redneck thing stems from the fact that this thread was at a personal level and obviously has nothing to do with horsepower gains. The fact that the vette uses a pushrod 2 valve engine which does not breath over 6500 has something to do with that point since people of low sophistication are likely be more attracted to this type of sports car with dragster styling and pop up headlights to boot.

Also I guess if u start with a 5.7 liter 25 years ago you do not and cannot expand it much, thank you for that point. I myself having grown up in Europe am more impressed with the technological efficiency of the M3's 3.2 litre. Whether you choose to admire the vette or the M3 more is a result of personal taste and social/cultural influences. People who understand cars tend to admire the M3's achievements a great deal more than the vette's, if u call this a weak defense and consider the auto media to be conspirators then take your vette, make noise, and be happy.

M3 for me.

have a nice weekend.

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