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07-07-2001, 02:39 PM
Is your own discussion board so boring that you had to come here? Get a life, really! We stay on our own forums, you stay on yours! But enough ranting...

We get it that you all are fans of your cars, and we're fans of ours. Let's leave it at that.

Some people like automatics, some prefer manual
Some people prefer the roundel, some want a three pointed star

There are always different preferences... get used to it. Besides, what fun would it be if everyone had the same car?

If your car truly is faster, then all this [censored] that you plaster all over our board doesn't matter when you beat the M3 in a race.

If the M3 is faster, then you just look like a dumbass trying to justify your purchase.

Either way you lose by preaching the AMG gospel over here. I think that the readers are competent enough that some wacko's claims of AMG superiority are not going to sway their decisions even if they are unsure of whether to buy from AMG or M.

07-07-2001, 04:03 PM

07-07-2001, 04:11 PM

07-08-2001, 11:37 AM
AMG trolls! Wow looks like at some M3 owners are really very classy. When one spends over $50K on a car and the choices are both mechanically very fine, the final decision is usually a matter of personal taste rather than strictly numbers. For some the aggresive and wide stance of the M3 is irresistable and for others the three pointed star and the incredible torque at a ridiculously low rpm is a must have. Personally I would prefer the AMG speedshift where I have choice of manual shifting or more relaxed automatic over the manual only of the M3. I do think that the M3 looks better overall though the AMG C32 is not bad looking in any way. That the c32 AMG manages to look as good as it does despite having 4 doors is actually remarkable. The interior of the M3 is in my opinion better executed as well although the leather quality is questionable. The M3's lack of a dual climate control, at this price needs to me remedied.

The fact that far fewer AMGs are sold in the US probably will keep the resale price of these cars very high as well. The Merc also offers longer free scheduled maintenance and life-time free basic road side assistance which is a nice touch.

No one ever went wrong buying either one of these German fighters. Enjoy your car whichever one you have. I am waiting on a silver C32 AMG with carbon and deep red leather interior. It is the only car that offered super car performance, in this price range and with 4 doors.

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