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07-08-2001, 04:59 PM
The August issue of Automobile magazine states "Starting in August, SMG II will be available for all US - spec M3 models. BMW of North America expects the installation rate of the $2700 gearbox to grow from an initial 50 percent to a dominant 85 percent." My understanding is that there won't be any such car manufactured for us until November. Maybe the info is just old in the magazine, but let's hope the price is correct at least. Same article also states that "Later this year, BMW will offer a less complex sequential transmission dubbed SSG (Sequential Sports Gearbox), which will be available for certain non-M models." Where lies the truth??

Randy G
07-08-2001, 10:36 PM
According to the 2002 ordering guide that was posted here a while ago, SMG II will be "phased in 11/01", whatever that means. "SSG" will be a 5-speed SMG-like transmission, and will be available on some 3-series models other than the M3, but it's not clear that SSG will be offered in the US at all (my guess is no).


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