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07-09-2001, 03:50 AM
got my 1st invoice for the 1200m service:

$160, consisting of:

$9 = oilfilter replacement
$65 = 10W60 oil replacement (6 litres, so all of it)
$6 = gearbox oil (1 litre, all of it)
$32 = differential oil (2 litres) << CLUNK IS STILL THERE
$3 = windscreen washers refill
$45 = labor

environmental taxes included (to dispose of oil etc)

Other thingies:

when you use TMC traffic info on a GPS system don't be surprised if your RDS TP station gets stuck on a specific channel. Finally I found out why mine got stuck on a German channel. This channel used TMC codes, but in Luxembourg there are not TMC signals broadcasted, that's why. This TMC will override all RDS TP settings and thus ignore your manually set TP station.

I tested a cassette adaptor onto my ****ty tapedeck in the NAV module and luckily it accepts it (it was an expensive adapter, about $13, but this one will be accepted in an auto-reverse deck, cheaper ones will be mono only or will switch from A-B and B-A all the time), now I can listen to Minidisc in my M3, phew! Still need to find an esthetic way to hide a bit the cable and MD walkman (Sony MZR50)

the chugging when accel at low RPM is really perceiveable when the engine coolant is still cold, I might have it checked out anyway.

a thunderstorm broke out on Friday night when the ambient temp was about 25C and in really NO time the windscreen got fully damped on the inside requiring a sudden slowdown to "wipe a peeking hole" through the damp with my hand (I really couldn't see anything anymore, better stop with 343ps under your butt!)). All this despite airco blowing at max (20.5C) and the windscreen de-damping at full force. On the way back I discovered that the airco temp at 19 or less will reducing damping much quicker.

I had it now for the second time the right electric folding rear mirror got stuck in upper position when lowering them back to normal position. You just have to retry and then both will come down. Still an electronical problem, but will be hard to fix if it happens 1 out of 10 times)

mobile phone gets better & better if you know how to use it ;)
Now I can say a name and it will ask if that's the name you want and call it.
dailing a number on the keypad will give you the option once you're connected to switch to handsfree or back.

Still to find out: how do you store the volume of the mobile on the handsfree speaker? Now it is always at minimum, so if someone calls and you pickup you always have to say to the caller "Hold on!" while you tap like crazy on the steering wheel to get the volume at max otherwise you just don't hear him while driving or he will sound extremely faint if parked. I'm sure there must be somewhere a setting to do this, but I can't find it.

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