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07-09-2001, 07:00 AM
Okay, as a follow up to all the interesting reviews many of you guys did on their new machines, here's my observations. I got the car over the weekend and have done about 500 miles so far. So consider this merely to be a quick overview of the most important findings.

In short, the car is absolutely stunning in looks, performance and comfort. FYI : I got the CarbonBlack/LSBlue combo. It looks awesome and people give me great comments. Passers-by gasp their eyes out. Big fun !

The LSB leather colour is not as flashy as I thought it would be and gives the car a sporty look inside. Just perfect. Great stuff BMW !

Concerning performance, the break-in period is a pain in the *ss ! I have the hardest time keeping this thing under 5500rpm, especially in sport mode. Can't wait to hear the engine climb to 8000rpm. I'll definitely be filling up my pants big time ;) So, without trying to
compare (and flame?) here, the car does what it's meant to do. It is damn FAST and extremely stable in high speed curves (incredible !!!). Sticks like glue. The DSC kicks in at exactly the right moment, without overdoing things. I'll test the DSC-off behaviour after brake-in on the track ;)

Short side note : I get the "clunk" when gearing into 2nd or 3rd at low rpm's. Doesn't bother me, but I will ask the dealer whether it's harmful. Is this thing fixable ?

Some more global observations :

* The Harman/Kardon system is okayish but whoever designed it seems to have forgotten about mid-tones. Also, the rear speaker rattles at certain bass frequencies. Anyhow, I found music to be not that important in this car. Roaaaarrr !!! :))) Nevertheless BMW will have to fix this.
* The seats are fantastic. Went for a long, four hours drive and absolutely no complaints here. The suspension is rather tough but the seats make the ride pretty comfortable.
* Gearbox is great. IMHO, not too firm at all.

Some other important factors to me : comfort, space and cost. As I already said, the car is perfect for everyday use thanks to the comfortable seats (rear seats as well). Great to have that much space in the back when you're going on a far away ski or beach trip :)

Now how about fuel comsumption? On the long distance trip, I did about 26,5 mpg. Of course, as I am still in the break-in period, I stuck to the official limits, and cruised smoothly at 3000rpm in 5th or 6th gear. One time taking it up to 135mph just to get a feel of the power. When taking it for a walk through town in second gear, I got 15 to 16 mpg on average. Still not too bad.

Well, that's about it (phew, finished). I'm having a great time in this car and can't wait to get the brake-in thing behind. When (if?) BMW get the minor issues fixed, this car is basically PERFECT iMYho.

To all those still waiting ... have some more patience. It's worth every second ! It's DEFINITELY worth every dime !


07-09-2001, 07:35 AM
I'm from Nuernberg.

Waiting till April 2002 :-(

07-09-2001, 07:47 AM
Belgium but currently residing in Cologne ...

Great highways you got here ! No speed limits either :o))).

Hang in there dude ! I waited over 9 months too. It'll be
over before you know it.


MK Boy
07-09-2001, 07:59 AM
As soon as you have done your break-in mileage, I guarantee you will want to drive with the DSC off all the time. My break-in mileage will be complete tonight - with service schedule for tomorrow. I have not driven once with the DSC on, unless I have forgotten to switch it off - I have used it several times whilst negotiating a steep corner at speed, especially if the temperature is very low.

Love this car - I don't know if I will be able to drive any harder than I have been after the service tomorrow, but I will certainly try.

Enjoy it as much as I am mine :-)

MK Boy

Dave in Atlanta
07-09-2001, 08:37 AM
Nice review. I got mine last Friday and agree on most points.
A stunningly competent car, does everything as advertised.
Gearbox is stiff but I'm sure it will loosen up with time.
I also have the clunk at low RPM's and will also ask the dealer about it when my 1200 mile service arrives.
My only complaint is minor. I would be nice to hear more of a growl
from the exhaust.
Keeping it under 5500 RPM is tough!!! It realy begs to be revved.

I also agree, it was worth the wait!

07-09-2001, 08:54 AM

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