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Simon (EvoSport)
07-23-2001, 05:36 PM
I'm a little surprised there wasn't much discussion on this board about the ALMS race this past weekend. What a race in GT class where the M3 GTR's (2 from BMW Motorsport Team AG and 2 from PTG Team NA) dominated over the Porsches. I was actually hoping they would officially out-qualify the GTS Corvette and the Saleen team :) In any case, it was great the see how well the V8-powered GTR M3 can out-accelerate the previous engine. Even down the stretch with the Porsche and M3 side-by-side, the M3 easily pulled away from it's rival. One of the more interesting moments in the race was the last turn down the stretch of the last lap, where it was a fight for 2-3 position. The #6 PTG car (Hans Stuck) led the #43 BMW Motorsport car (Ekblom) going into the last turn. The #43 car dove inside of the PTG car and in a last minute heat to win, punted the #6 PTG car, spun him and overtook the #2 spot, with an unofficial second place finish in GT (there was an immediate "Oooooooh" from the masses). After the race, ALMS officials penalized the #43 car with a 35 second "avoidable contact" penalty, allowing Hans Stuck to reclaim the #2 spot. BMW Motorsport took 1, 3. PTG took 2, 4 allowing for a 1-2-3-4 BMW M3 GTR victory in ALMS GT! Life is good!

If you have never experienced it, I highly encourage all of you to attend an ALMS event at some point in your life. TV is good, but there is absolutely nothing like being there (well except maybe for driving it!). See you Cali folks at Laguna Seca 9/9.

Mr. ///M3
07-23-2001, 05:43 PM
Maybe some of the people on this board feel a bit detached from the GTR because of the V8? I do. But I still like watching BMW kick some Porsche A$$. Things will be different next year, though. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I'm debating a return to Laguna Seca. No M3 this time, though ... hopefully my 330i will suffice.


07-23-2001, 05:45 PM
1. (1) Rinaldo Capello, Italy; Tom Kristensen, Denmark; Audi R8, 107.
2. (2) Emanuele Pirro, Italy; Frank Biela, Germany; Audi R8, 107.
3. (4) David Brabham, Australia; Jan Magnussen, Denmark; Panoz LMP-1, 106.
4. (3) Andy Wallace, England; Johnny Herbert, England; Audi R8, 106.
5. (10) Ron Fellows, Canada; Johnny O’Connell, Flowery Branch, Ga.; Chevrolet Corvette C5-R, 97.
6. (11) Kelly Collins, Corona del Mar, Calif.; Andy Pilgrim, Aventura, Fla.; Chevrolet Corvette C5-R, 97.
7. (15) Jörg Müller, Germany; JJ Lehto, Finland; BMW M3 GTR, 96.
8. (14) Boris Said, Carlsbad, Calif.; Hans Stuck, Austria, BMW M3 GTR, 96.
9. (12) Dirk Müller, Germany; Fredrik Ekblom, Sweden; BMW M3 GTR, 96.
10. (13) Niclas Jonsson, Sweden; Bill Auberlen, Hermosa Beach, Calif.; BMW M3 GTR, 95.
11. (18) Sascha Maassen, Germany; Lucas Luhr, Germany; Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 95.
12. (5) Emmanuel Collard, England; Christophe Tinseau, France; Cadillac LMP 01, 95.
13. (9) Didier de Radigues, Belgium; Milka Duno, Venezuela; John Graham, Canada; Reynard 01Q-Judd, 95.
14. (20) Johnny Mowlem, England; Timo Bernhard, Germany; Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 95.
15. (25) Jon Field, Dublin, Ohio; Rick Sutherland, Los Gatos, Calif.; Lola B2K-Judd, 95.
16. (8) Terry Borcheller, Phoenix; Franz Konrad, Germany; Saleen S7R, 95.
17. (19) Kevin Buckler, Sonoma, Calif.; Tyler McQuarrie, Walnut Creek, Calif.; Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 94.
18. (17) Shane Lewis, Jupiter, Fla.; Jeff Altenburg, Cantonsville, Md.; Mike Silcox, Indianapolis; Dodge Viper GTS-R, 94.
19. (23) Robert Orcutt, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Vic Rice, San Rafael, Calif.; Porsche 911 GT3 R, 91.
20. (22) Phillip Colin, Lincolnshire, Ill.; Tony Burgess, Canada; Porsche 911 GT3 R, 88.
21. (26) Gene Martindale, Vincennes, Ind.; Tom Weickardt, Whitefish Bay, Wis.; Dana Brewer, San Diego; Dodge Viper GTS-R, 86.
22. (24) Randy Wars, Mexico; Grady Willingham, Birmingham, Ala.; David McEntee, Novato, Calif.; Porsche 911 GT3 R, 83.
23. (16) Randy Pobst, Melbourne, Fla.; Christian Menzel, Germany; Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 82, drive shaft.
24. (6) Wayne Taylor, Altamonte Springs, Fla.; Max Angelelli, Italy; Cadillac LMP 01, 52, lost wheel.
25. (21) Jeff Pabst, Canada; Kye Wankum, Canada; Joe Foster, Atlanta; Porsche 911 GT3 R, 31, accident.
26. (7) Franck Lagorce, France; Klaus Graf, Germany; Panoz LMP-1, 18, mechanical.

07-23-2001, 05:51 PM
sucked. All they showed was the bloody prototypes, and them so
close up you couldn't ever see the lines they were taking. There
was no more than 2 - 3 minutes of the four new M3s shown in
the entire time it was on TV. It was also like this last year.

There was a small bit of discussion before the race, but it was
mostly limited to some guys complaining that BMW had actually
but a V8 in the car. Poor Porsche. Obviously Porsche will (likely
already is) be working on a 'solution' now.

Mr. Grinch
07-23-2001, 05:52 PM
I mean, people know nothing about this car or this engine. All that I gather is that it's the new 4.0L intended for the 7 and 6 series. Rumor is, it uses Valvetronic and not Vanos. It's got an aluminum block. And that's about all we know. We don't know the real valve timing configuration, displacement, rpm, output, weight, etc. Hard to get excited about a) something you'll not see in production for many years and b) something you don't know the details on.

I understand BMW was not competetive with the porsches but where does it stop? How long before Porsche puts a bigger displacement engine in? Could they have just kept penalizing the porsches with restrictors and weight until they were evenly matched with the M3s? How long do they let this engine war go on before they are considered GTS?

07-23-2001, 06:10 PM

07-23-2001, 06:21 PM

07-23-2001, 06:30 PM
That's progress....although in the street cars you do have to
wonder how long the ever faster, higher power car can continue
to increase along these lines.

One interesting comment the announcer made during the AMLS
race yesterday was along the lines of PTG did not even know the
power output of the new BMW Motorsport 4L engine because
they have kept that secret.

I have to admit I ws getting tired of Porsche winning every race.
The M3 with the 5 L M5 engine in it is doing well too.

Simon (EvoSport)
07-23-2001, 06:51 PM
I'd like to think it's because they feel displaced with the new V8, but I honestly don't think that's it. Even when the 6 was used, there was little discussion on the topic. You are never likely to have the same engine in your car as in these vehicles, unless your name is Peter Cunningham or Jeff McMillin. True, the previous motor was a 6, but it was still not the same engine we drove in our E36 or E46 M3s. Regardless of engine, following the testing and development of these cars that we love (at least most of us do) so much, then seeing them victorious on the track is what I'm referring to. I think many people here have no idea what ALMS is. I spoke with many individuals this past weekend who have had BMW M3s for as long as they can drive and this was their first event- they were like little kids in a toy store and were upset they had not attented earlier. This is BMW Motorsport at it's best!

(I would have liked to, but I was not paid for the above advertisement.)

Mr. Grinch
07-23-2001, 07:05 PM
I love watching ALMS races... certainly more than CART or NASCAR. I also enjoy the Grand American, TransAm, and Speedvision racing. At least you get to _see_ the cars in the television coverage for those series. But the ALMS tv coverage almost completely ignores the GT/GTR. At's as if because they were less expensive categories to run in they don't deserve any coverage.

Simon (EvoSport)
07-23-2001, 08:01 PM
are not going to get better with the FOX acquisition. Speedvision doesn't even air the Speedvision World Challenge races (Touring and GT) for 2 weeks AFTER the race! Also, I would love to see more competition in the ALMS series like Mercedes with their DTM and Touring CLK cars. But, the truth is that Americans in general are more interested in NASCAR than ALMS, Touring car or Formula 1 combined. Look around the stands this past weekend- it's no where as packed as a NASCAR race is. It's really unfortunate, but I wouldn't blame BMW if they pulled out of ALMS in the next few years- if it weren't for PTG, we wouldn't even have the luxury of watching these machines race on these shores and yet very few even know about it. Europeans love soccer and Formula 1. We love baseball and NASCAR. The grass is always greener......I'm moving! :)

07-23-2001, 08:28 PM
Didn't the stands fill up last Sept at the F1 race here? I had the
impression they were delighted with the turnout. I'm sure you are
right that more people (here) tend to watch the cars go in the big
circles, but I assumed that everyone who paid to have
Speedvision did so because they wanted to see the road racing.
It was really worrying this year when the F1 mess dragged on so
- I was afraid we were not going to be able to see it.

07-23-2001, 09:05 PM
I'm a little surprised there wasn't much discussion on this board about the ALMS race this past weekend.

If a manly M3 like that were sold in the US, the kind of people buying would change and so would the interest in ALMS.

Simon (EvoSport)
07-24-2001, 01:18 AM
since when does the fact that the car racing in full gear need to be sold to the public to gain public interest? So they sold a few McLaren F1s and some CLK-GTRs. Were they accessible to anyone who couldn't afford to drop a cool $1M? No. If they sold the M3 GTR in the US, it would be unreachable for most people and yes, of course "the kind of people buying would change". So, how does the fact that a car that I can't buy spark my interest to watch more ALMS? On the contrary, give me a more practical M3 I CAN afford for the street, then place it's racing variant on the track, and that should gain my interest.

07-24-2001, 07:39 AM

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