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Guards Red 01 Boxster S
08-29-2001, 05:41 PM
Hi I just picked up a 2001 Guards Red Boxster this past saturday and noticed that there is a slight dint on the rear quarter panel on the drivers side maybe about a foot behind the door toward the top of the panel. I went into the dealership and checked couple of other Boxsters in the showroom and noticed that they all have this ding (some not as bad as others). My brother had a 97 Boxster and he said that his had this as well.

Has anyone else noticed this on their Boxsters? You have to look very closely (helps if you stand behind the car and look down the quarter panel see if there's a break in the reflection).

I just find it weird that they all seem to have this wrinkle/ding on the same spot! The dealership has tried to repair the problem but I can still tell that there is a flaw there. I have called Porsche NA to find out why this problem is occurring and what needs to be done to correct it.

Would appreciate input from anyone who has this issue on their Boxster.

SoCal Craig
08-29-2001, 10:43 PM
I haven't noticed that "ding" on my 01 GR S. I'll have to look more closely. I did have a very very small "outie" ding in the front hood that the Dealer fixed (though they didn't do a very good job rubbing out the paint). Maybe BMW (they stamp the body panels for Porsche) is purposely putting these dings in the Boxster panels to piss off Porsche owners?

Also, I have a small dust speck that was painted over on the top portion of the driver's door. My car was built in Stutgart (11 digit in VIN is S) so I suspect their paint shop may not be as good as Valmet (Finnish cars have better finish).

Still love my car though!

01 S
96 Z3

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