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Bret in NC
10-02-2001, 07:51 PM

I'm visiting from the BMW boards so please bear with me. I recently bought a group of NOS German (Ate and [censored]) Brake master cylinders. I bought these because there are a couple of BMW cylinders that I can identify that I need. There are 2 indentical cylinders that I *think* are for 914's, but I need your help to make sure.
The parts in question are made be Ate, the Ate part number is 03.2117-1601.3, the only other number on the box is on a small white label that says "02611004". Other than that, it's just your average Ate master cylinder, there are 2 ports on top, fairly close together towards the mounting ears, for the fluid reservoir (or remote reservoir hoses). There are 2 ports on the left side (looking down from above) for brake lines, the rear is labelled "R", the front "L". In between these ports is a pressure (?) switch with 1 male spade terminal. On the underside the numbers "17" and "20" are cast into the body.

Can anyone confirm that this is or is not for a 914??? If not, any ideas what it is for?? Anyone need a new master cylinder matching the above description??

Thanks for you help.

Bret Luter in Raleigh, NC

p.s.- if replying directly to me via email, don't forget to remove the "NOSPAM" from the address!!

10-04-2001, 06:32 AM
I think you have a cool car!!!!

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