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10-26-2001, 07:26 AM
Hey, hows it going? Well I hope. Seems as if the driving season is just about over. It was snowing pretty hard at my house this morning. Good think I have the M inside... Yes I did see those bikes that night. Crazy stuff! I was driving with them for a while, they would pull up next to me and pop the front up at like 90+... They were nutz! One of the guys pulled up next to me, pointed up and then pointed to me, he wanted ME to try one... Yeah too bad I dont have 3000hp and slicks on... So I got 3rd gear and just nailed it, the guy was caught off guard and had to get on it pretty good to catch me. Then I got the thumbs up... And then I saw your lights in my rear view... =) I just love 696... Every time I drive it, I always tell myself, ok dont go over 80, its not worth it... Then I always see a nice car doing 90 and have to follow, and you know where it goes from there... 90 on up!!!

The new engine is running very well, thanks. They replaced the entire engine and not just the single valve that went. So one month to go? You'll like it a lot when you get it. What color combo did you go with? There are not very many issues that people have been having. some complain about the "clunk", it doesnt upset me at all, it is just a bit of driveline/diff lag at low speeds. It can be corrected by adjusting driving style with the clutch. Not a big deal. some have the subs rattle a bit, mine do slightly but only on a few songs. My guess is that you are going to get hooked in no time! The car is great, you'll love it if you like the M5. It may not have the 400hp V8 punch, but the car just pulls from 2k-8k... Have you driven one yet? So you will keep the M5 till she dies? I think I would as well. I think I might do the same with my M3 unless they decide to make an M6... they said they might, 500hp V10 is the rumor......

We should try to get together for a late fall drive if the weather turns sunny again. We had a few meets with other bimmer guys but most of them are young and a bit crazy (myself included) but I like to be in smaller groups of more experienced drivers, its just safer...

shoot me an email.

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