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10-29-2001, 03:35 PM
posted 10-29-2001 15:18
The Southern California Boxster Group is putting on their first official drive in SD on November 4th. Here is the info:The details: Meet at the intersection of Hwy 15 and Hwy 79 in Temecula at
10:30 AM. (I'll have the exact location, gas station, park and ride etc.
on Monday) We will take 79 along the base of the Cleveland National
forest, along rolling county, thru Warner Springs, then south to Lake
Henshaw. At the south end of Lake Henshaw, we will turn west onto 76 then
stop for Lunch at the town of Lake Henshaw (exact location by Monday).
After lunch we will head off to East Grade road and head up the back way to
Palomar Mountain. this road has sweeping curves while going up hill, so
it's an enjoyable ride. Once on top, we will detour 3 miles and break at
the Observatory. After the break, back track those 3 miles and then head
down the front on South Grade road. This road is steeper with tighter
turns. Once back on 76, the San Diego folks can break off & head toward
home thru Valley Center, if they like, while the rest of the group will
continue back to 15 past a few Indian Casinos.
Driving time should be around 2.5 hours. Factor in lunch and a stop at the
Observatory. My estimate on total time is about 4 hours. Have you back at
15 (or the Casinos by 3 PM?

I will be the point of contact for this drive.

Hope to see you.

John Wencel (JC from SoCal)

11-05-2001, 12:28 PM
well, we had only 30 cars show up. But then, It rained early in the morning beforethe drive and that scared away some people. their loss! the roads were simply amazing. Ive put on so many Boxster runs in the last 2 years and I am always amazed at how many "Boxster" roads are out there just waiting to be be discovered. Thanks to John (Our Man in SD) for doing the leg work on this run. The roads were in good to excellent condition. I had alot of fun. I tell you. I judge a city (or region) by how fun its local back roads are. Well, If SD can build a good road course somewhere I will definetly move down there!
Here is our Group photo at Lake Henderson.

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