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11-12-2001, 12:00 PM
Tiggs, I found the print-out from the TIS CD I got from my mechanic
regarding all the available car and key memory settings.

And it actually says in the document that you can set the reverse
mirror tilt adjustment when you activate the key memory. But only
for E46 cars from 09/99.

Call your dealer again and ask him to check out the "Car/Key Memory
Functions M24.0" in the TIS! See paragraph 1.9 and "Passenger-side
exterior mirror tilt function". According to this TIS document you
can save a specific passenger side mirror tilt setting for each key
you have. Notice however that all functions may not available in
all countries!

When this key memory function is active you have to set the mirror
selector switch in the door handle to the "passenger-side" position
to activate the mirror tilt function.

When the key memory function isn't activiated it's the other way
around (as described in the manual), set the selector switch to
the "driver's mirror" position and the passanger-side mirror tilts
all the way down when the selector lever is placed in reverse.

I hope this answer your question. My dealer have been too busy
so I havn't been able to schedule an appointment yet to do all
the car and key memory settings I want to do on my car.


11-12-2001, 01:52 PM

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