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11-13-2001, 08:14 AM

i understand that there are six modes for shifting s1-s6 and that each subsequent mode progressivly shifts the gears faster..

what i dont understand is why would anyone want to have a gear shifting slower than its maximum possible speed???

i mean i hear people saying s1-s3 is for relaxed city
i dont does the speed of the action of moving up a gear have to do whether you are driving aggressively or not?
does it affect handling or ride???

11-13-2001, 08:29 AM
in some traffic conditions the fast change can get on your nerves and jerk you about a bit.. so a slow change is actually preferable.. your not going anywhere fast, so why change fast?

11-13-2001, 08:39 AM
Plus why wear everything out with ultra-agressive racing-like shifts every time you go to get milk?

t00h0t - 02 LSB SMG
11-13-2001, 09:29 AM

11-13-2001, 10:44 AM
If you like 'gear braking' on the motorway then you'll love S3.hehehe

11-13-2001, 12:58 PM
Slower shifts are smoother and gentler - they can be preferable when you're not driving aggressively.

It's a bit like asking why people ever shift below redline - after all, that's where max power is and it's always available... But lots of time you don't need to run at 7500 rpm, and by shifting at 4000 you get a smoother, quieter and more relaxed driving experience when you didn't need max power to the rear wheels.

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