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11-13-2001, 11:29 AM

My 535i has 162,000 Miles and still runs great. I have a Conforti chip on it, Bilsteins HP Gas shocks, thick anti-sway bars, and high-performance wheels/tires so it handles/drives great, specially condsidering this is an used and relatively "heavy" car (compared to a 3 series). It is VERY reliable, and I can do all of the maintenance on it VERY easily. Parts are available and they are not too expensive, and since my 535i is paid, I only have to pay for insurance (on top of whatever maintenance the car needs). I take the car once a year to Terry Sayther here in Austin (ex-BMW Master Mechanic) and I have gotten a clean bill of health everytime. In short, the 535i is the car I can always count on, and since it is 10 years old it does not call too much attention :-)

The problem/dilema is that I have a new 2002 E46 M3 on order, with expected delivery in Jan/Feb. I have test driven the M3 and it is fun and confortable, but with all of the electronic gizmos and such, I am worried that stuff might happen to it and would not be as trouble free as my current 535i. I am worried that the quality and the reliability of a new car might not be as nice as my current 535i.

I probably will not need to keep the 535i once the M3 is here, and I expect that I will be driving the new M3 most of the time, but I am trying to debate whether I should simply keep the 535i as a "spare" or second car. Any thoughs or opinions one way or the other?


11-13-2001, 11:34 AM

11-13-2001, 02:41 PM
My favorite car setup is to have a "nice" sporty car for daily entertainment, and a larger more practical and heavily used secondary car for times when you need that sort of implement. Works great. In my case, the combo is my (coming soon) 2002 M3 coupe, and my trusty 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon with 190k miles on it.

It's really handy to have a beater backup, and in my opinion it saves me money. You get an insurance multi-car discount that pulls down the cost of the M3 insurance enough to pretty much cover the wagon expenses, the wagon soaks up duty and abuse that otherwise would fall on the M3, the wagon is already worth next to nothing, so it doesn't depreciate, and you've always got a backup if either one needs to go in for service (or for example out of town guests drop in and you need to loan them some local transport, in which case they of course get the wagon :P)

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11-13-2001, 02:53 PM

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