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11-15-2001, 12:25 PM
I am organizing a dyno event in Kirkland and here are details to you who might be interested.

This year's event will be once again held at Carb Connection in Kirkland. I was able to negotiate a flat rate of $60 (plus tax) per car and that includes free O2 measurement. This is once again a better price than any other group has received (inlcuding local car clubs). Because of this excellent price break I will once again insist on leaving the good guys of Carb Connection a collective tip in the vicinity of $5 per person. This relatively small tip ensures that we will keep getting better price than anybody else and be treat nicely as we did last year.

For those of you who were there last year, you may remember that the good folks at Carb Connection even tuned some cars free of charge and helped many owners whose cars were showing odd dyno results.


I am currently aiming at either <b>Saturday Dec. 8th</b> or <b>Saturday Dec. 15th</b>.

Also last year I collected $10 deposit payments in form of personal check which were returned to everybody who showed up. Basic reasoning behind it was that we had over 30 cars whose owners wanted to participate but we could only fit 20 cars. This meant that if you received reserved spot and didn't show up you lost $10. This money was to be used for doughnuts and coffee for the entire group. Luckily
we didn't have anybody who didn't show up and all checks were returned to their owners un-deposited.

So here are the rules.

Please e-mail me ASAP with response if you are interested and which date you would prefer. Once all the responses are received I will pick the most requested date. At this time I will send out a final calling, after which first 20 people to respond will be given reserved spots. All people who don't make it to the list of first twenty will be placed on waiting list in the order of their replies.
At this time I will publish the official list and request the deposits from the first 20 entrants. The official list will include the approximate time window for which you should show up to do the dyno. This is because some of you may have better things to do on Saturday than spend all day at the dyno shop. It will most likely be a 2.5 hour window. You are welcome to hang around all day if you want to.

Any car is acceptable, however I don't believe that they can accommodate four wheel drive cars. Also some of you may be interested in bringing more than one car and that is fine. If the number of people exceeds 20, than I may limit to only one vehicle but if not than you are welcome to bring out your full fleet.

So much for now, feel free to e-mail me any questions. You can check out dyno shop at:

Standard disclaimer:

I am doing this purely out of fun and because I want to dyno my BMW and I am not willing to pay full price of $95. I am in no way connected with Carburetor Connection.

Mel Micic

my e-mail:


Please let me know in the e-mail if you have heard about this through the message board or I you heard of it from me through e-mail.

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