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12-16-2001, 06:11 AM
Do any of you know or are the Porsche Boxster guy that raced me today. License plate "TOTO BOX". Anyhow, I own a 1998 M3 and this guy comes up behind me and actually tries to race. I'm in 3rd at 80, which is a very strong gear to begin with. This white boxster tries to keep up but couldn't. If it were an S, that would be a different story. Traffic hits, and I slam on the brakes, he doesn't. He just had to be in front of me. He's cutting in and out of lanes, and i'm now trying to keep up but he's out of control. THEN it happens, he cuts two lanes to the left, see a car in front of him, and cuts right and losses it. I mean he did a whole 360, I kid you not. White smoke everywhere. I don't think he hit anyone. But the point of the story is, take it easy when you race. Being that one extra car length ahead can cause a lot of damage to your car and others. Hope you're okay TOTO BOX. Take it easy. We all have nice cars, and there's really nothing to prove. We all know that M3's are faster than Boxsters, and handling is something that can be argued about. Take car guys, and that was one sweet Boxster, well it was.


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