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12-21-2001, 04:22 PM
I own a Boxster since 1999 and I must say that it is very close to what I consider a perfect sportscar. I've driven a Ferrari F355 and apart from its styling, mistique, and more horsepower, it's not that much better than a Boxster. I like the sound of the Boxster engine (it has a high-pitched whine like a jet) and the size of the car is just about right for a fun, nimble sportscar. Every time I step into my Boxster, I feel like I'm wearing the car rather than getting inside it.

The Boxster would be a perfect sportscar if Porsche:
- Redesign the interior
- Use higher quality materials in the interior
- Give it 350HP without adding more weight
- Create some room for a small subwoofer
- Hold down the price to $50K

Do this and I think I will always buy a Boxster, year after year, and upgrades after upgrades.

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