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James Bradley
12-28-2001, 03:18 PM
I have a 1983 911sc and was wondering what the maximum tire and wheel size for street applications.

Keith Sheu
01-02-2002, 03:06 PM
There are other varialbe that will come into play, such as alignment specs, e.g. how much negative camber are you
using. Also, do you want to use Porsche Fuchs or some other brand of wheel?

I am using 7x16 fuchs in front and 9x16's in the rear of an 80 911 SC Targa. the fronts tires are 205/55 and the rears are 245/45.

If you go with custom offsets, larger tires can be accomodated. I have seen 235s in front and 275s on the rear of narrow body SCs, with no body modifications, other than rolled fenders.

Also, tires will vary from make to make, i.e. yokohamas 225, is not exactly the same width as say a Kumho 225.

Generally speaking, anything much bigger than 225 in front and 245 in the rear on an SC starts to make steering heavy, not to mention the car really doesn't have the power to push anything bigger. If you are after pure aesthetics and looks, perhaps it is ok, but if you track the car, stay with either 205s or 225s in front, and 245s in the rear.


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