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01-06-2002, 04:28 PM
I am in the market for a project 911. I am currently looking at a white 1977 911 Targa. It needs mostly cosmetics. Only the frame for the targa roof is in tact. I runs fine, has original 2.7L in it. Needs a clutch. Interior is a little rough. Has some rust. Needs tires. I was going to convert it to a 993 body and interior...possibly a Stroesk kit or something. I have never owned a Porsche before, but have always wanted one. Would also eventually like to put a 1998- Turbo motor in it. I have 1997 widebody sheet metal available to me also. How much do you think I should pay (apx) for the car? The owner paid $3000 for it a year ago. It didn't run. Now, it runs pretty good, has new fuel system including tank, but as I mentioned, it needs a clutch and some other goodies. It has a hefty outstanding shop bill, so I was trying to work out a deal with the owner. What is a good price on the car do you think? I will be taking photos of the car this week. I would really appreciate some guidance here. Thanks to all in adavance.

Dan Brosman
01-10-2002, 11:26 AM
A Targa that needs a clutch, top and back window, I don't think I would want to pay more than $5000 if, and only if the engine has good leak-down.
I don't know if you realize the costs that you will be looking at to do what you are talking about. A 3.6 Turbo engine will probably be about $15,000, the paint and bodywork will be at least $10,000, plus the kit.
For $30,000 you can buy as pretty good looking Turbo, or a nice Carrera.
If you want to go ahead with this project or just buy this car to drive, I have an almost new Pressure plate and disc, for $100, I'll throw in a recond t/o bearing too. I'm probably also going to have a Targa back window and a plexiglass see-through Targa top.
Call me if you have anymore questions.
Dan 480-391-2419

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