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Jared Miller
02-14-2002, 10:14 PM
Hey, my 86 bmw 325e was recently totalled(not my fault) and I need to find another car. I was recently looking at an 86 vw scirocco 16v untill my teacher mentioned his neighbor had a 914(year/engine unknown) possibly for sale. He also mentioned it would probably go for under $2 grand(my budget....yeah kinda low). I'd like to know if I can use this every day going to school and things around town without worrying too much about reliability. I don't know a whole lot about mechanics, but am learning, so could probably take care of small issues. My teacher mentioned the car ran pretty well, and the paint/body was in fair condition. Assuming the guy will sell this car, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Expensive to maintain, costly to take to mechanics, etc?
Jared Miller

Patrick White
02-24-2002, 10:16 AM
The way I see it is any car is a daily driver if it has been taken care of, and these older cars make better daily drivers for people on a budget. I am looking to buy 914 or 912 or possable older 911 to drive on a daily bases through out the summer. Here in Nova Scotia our winters are far to bad for one of these cars, ussually. My neighbour drives a '78 Volkswagon Van that has been around the the odometer several times and aside from cold start problems (which a crane ingnition system would probally fix) it kicks [censored] and breaks down less that our '94 caravan.

It sounds like you and me are in the same boat for mechanical knowledge, I'm just taking on my first major job on my 1983 BMW 320i, which is changing the head. I've seen the 914 engines before and they are simple and great to work on, aside from the tight space.

Take car when buying the car and you should be fine.

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