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02-26-2002, 03:28 AM
rubbing or problems at all? what type of tires did u get. i was thinking of gettin sssrgt3's with bridgestone s03's 285/30 and 245/35. i just wanna make sure that there will be no problems. i keep heareing different things and i see most people are using 275's

02-26-2002, 09:24 AM
Now, with the 285's there is no rubbing with the stock springs or the H&R Sport springs. I've run the car with both.

Yesterday, FCOEBURN posted pics of his CB/IR, really nice. He has H&R coilovers with SSRGT3's 245/35 front, 275/30 rear. He also said that he set the drop at 1.5 Inches all the way around.

Just for reference, the sport springs that I have drop the car 1.25 inches front, .5 inches rear. Figure that they have settled in some so we'll say 1.5 front, .75 rear.

So my rear 285's, no rub. But if you were to put my rears on FCOEBURN's car, RUB. You could not safely lower the car 1.5 in. with 285's on the rear. 275's yes, 285's no.

Now, if you have the H&R coilovers and keep the rear drop at .75 inches or min. drop, then the 285's will work fine, but if you plan on lowering more that that, you risk a rub.

So I guess you have to figure what will you be doing with suspension. If coilovers are in your future, and you want to lower the car more than est. 1 inch in the rear, then the safer choice would be the 275's. As FCOEBURN showed, they will tuck under the fender well nicely.

If keeping the stock suspension, or getting the H&R Sport Springs are in your future, then the 285's will work fine. Even if you are getting the H&R coilovers, the 285's will be fine as long as you don't drop the rear more than an inch or so.

My observation about the 285's on my car with the rear dropped .5-.75 is that there is no rub. But I feel, that if the car were lowered any more the 285's would really be cutting it close. This is my opinion based on what I see on my own car. That is why you see 275's being an option as well, especially w/coilovers.

I plan on getting the coilovers next. With the 285's, I will be setting the drop to the minimum, which is .75 in. When its time for a new set, I will get the 275's, so I can sample with dropping the rear more than this. Not that I would need to, but it is nice to know you could and not worry about the 275's rubbing.

I hope I've made myself clear.

Stock/H&R Sport Springs-285's no rub
H&R coilovers min. rear drop-285's fine, no rub
H&R coilovers rear dropped 1.5 inches like FCOEBURN-285's RUB, go with 275's.

With my Pic, see what I mean, that is a .5-.75 in rear drop, no prob with 285's, but if I wanted to sample heights, going any lower would be cause for concern. If I had 275's, it would be no problem for drops more than that.

Steve Medina

02-26-2002, 10:01 AM

02-26-2002, 10:04 AM
steve,again your ca is what expense have you lowered your coupe?installed?i know that the ride must be harsher but how noticeable is that v. improved performance,steerablity (prob not a word) etc.

02-26-2002, 10:14 AM

02-26-2002, 10:18 AM
13) Spacers are required when the stock wheel/tire combination is used


02-26-2002, 12:53 PM
in, there is not much difference in ride quality. The car just feels more connected to the road, like a sports car should. The only time I feel a difference is in extreme changes in pitch of pavement. For example, you know how when they pave a street, the intersections of the freshly paved street are slightly higher than that of the intersecting street. It's that kind of abruptness that maybe you notice a little more than stock setup. Also where bridge meets highway has that same effect. But the ride is not anymore rough than stock.

I have always taken it easy in areas that I know are going to be rough. No sense in creating rattles, if you know what I mean. But the same streets that are rough with stock setup, are rough with the springs. Not much difference. Really, not much difference. As advertised, springs are 15%-25% stiffer, or something like that. But the way it has changed the handling has more than made up for any change in ride, which hasn't been much.

I've had a few car enthusiasts as well as a few people (women and men) who could care less, in the car for a ride. They are all surprised that the ride is as smooth as it is. I have taken them down the roughest of the roughest, just to see what they say. I've done so without telling them my intention. All have said that the ride from the passenger side is fine. With the 19"s and suspension changes, more is felt in the road through the steering wheel. But from the passenger side, all have stated at how comfortable the ride is which comes as a surprise to them, especially the enthusiasts.

Thx again for the compliments, any other questions, don't hesitate

Steve Medina

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