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02-26-2002, 06:48 PM
Just wondering.... am I the only one this happens to on a regular basis? In most cases, the only mod on the Eclipse's are those stupid looking 4 inch tailpipes. I just don't get it.

02-26-2002, 06:55 PM
on the freeway... I was minding my own buisness in the next to fast lane enjoying the sunny afternoon with my top down and this turd pulls up to me and revs his tin can exhaust and proceeds to speed down the freeway... I guess he is cooler than I am

'Jorg Muller'
02-26-2002, 07:03 PM
I respect Honda technology & quality (not that I'd want one, I prefer European products,have for the last 14 years), but I think Honda/Acura's styling has gone stale.

02-26-2002, 08:54 PM
Last week, I had an Eclipse, a beat up Prelude, a slammed
Acura RSX and -- get this -- a Ford Expedition -- all pull up to my
window or bumper and give me the signal they wanted to race. I
always ignore that stuff. The Acura driver, a teenager, gunned his
engine and sped off while my Valentine 1 was going nuts and a
trooper was in plain view on the divider about 500 yards down
the road. As I said the other day, borrowing a line from the Coen
brothers, some people are "dumber than a bag of hammers."

02-26-2002, 08:57 PM
not very fast at all (and really fugly). Racing 16 year olds in low ride Civic, Accords, Integras, etc... its kind of funny, I usually don't waste my time, but once in awhile its fun to smoke em.

02-26-2002, 09:00 PM

partisan dsmer
02-26-2002, 09:43 PM
They probably want to know if their car with all their mods can match up, if not take, the m3. I'm surprised it's only eclipse's that you've seen. There are a lot of turbo cars out there that are slower than the m3 stock. But bolt on enough after market parts and those cars will smoke almost anything, with the right set-up and the right driver of course. Nitrous is becoming popular too. When you mod out a car, you always want to know how it matches up against the "big boys." There's some satisfaction in knowing that you've set up your car right and can take a car that was built quick out of the box. And with the new M3 only 1 year old, it's the new kid on the block, so I'm sure people sure want to see how it holds up. Beware, there will be some cars out there that can take the M3.

But on the flip side to that, you could mod out just about any car and make it faster than a turbo 911 if you wanted to. And just like many people have said before, the M3 is not a drag car, which is what most people are doing with the japanese imports. Horsepower is the king of straighline speed, that's a given. The M3 was meant to be driven not dragged. Horsepower is not king of the track, cornering ability is.

02-26-2002, 11:03 PM
Constant challenges from other cars and drivers come with the territory when you own an M3. I actually kinda like it. However, I find it painfully annoying when the challenges come in bumper-to-bumper highway traffic. In the essence of safety, I usually just nod and smirk. Under the right conditions, I'll run 'em with anyone that wants to play.

Malcolm Smith
02-26-2002, 11:24 PM
Track racing is nothing more than a drag race between corners ..
so higher horsepower cars (C5s, Vipers) will always win on the
long course. Corner exit speed is the critical component (other
than BHP) that to date I have seen no published results on. A
BONE STOCK M3 is likely NOT optimized for corner exit speed
(it's likely optimized for safety and in particular understeer) and it
is WAY too heavy to accelerate rapidly out of the corner .. so good
luck racing it on the track and beating anything with a better
power-to-weight ratio (like an AWD Eclipse like mine with $5000
in easy mods including race-like suspension and wheels that'll
track-out perfectly at 90% throttle).

Let's all hope the M3 CSL solves both of these problems and
makes the M3 a viable track option.

02-26-2002, 11:58 PM
I think you mispeak. Sure, it likely won't beat cars with better power to weight ratios which have also been modded for racing. But bone stock the car is still amazingly fast on the track, as many testimonials (including Nurburgring times relative to other sports cars) attest. Compare apples to apples, please.

02-27-2002, 12:42 AM
I wish I could race myself :) I have an Eclipse GS-T (turbo). No mods except for cone air filter. It takes great effort not to take the '02 M3 to work every day :>

02-27-2002, 12:54 AM

02-27-2002, 01:02 AM
power....with only a few grand, those cars can run 12's....! How do I know, because I used to own a 400+ hp Eclipse

Just FYI


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