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03-14-2002, 11:04 PM
OK - I ordered a Euro Warning Triangle - same one that fits in my Z3 - Part #71 60 1 092 427 (in a blue plasic sleeve). I ordered the bracket for the trunk to hold it - Part #51 47 8 265 682 (8 265 682 is molded in the inside of the lod down clip). Both look like the right parts - but there is no way the triangle is going to fit in the bracket - the triangle box is an inch too wide! Which part did I screw up on. Anybody with a similar setup in their trunk, I appreciate you giving it a look!


03-15-2002, 02:03 AM
I installed the warning triangle w/bracket, and it fits perfectly. My only thought would be that on the bracket there is a rivet looking extension, and this has to be broken off, and then used to attach the bracket to the trunk side wall.

03-15-2002, 09:54 AM
Could you check the part number on your triangle and tell me if it is 71 60 1 092 427 or 71 60 1 095 457?


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