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03-23-2002, 07:15 PM
Have had the Nokia hands free/recharger with adjacent hand set on two cars - Porche 968 and a BMW 330. Both had the "floor post" mount. The Cingular installer had trouble with the 2002 M3 Coupe/SMG. Couldn't get the rug up to make sure where he could attach the post on the passenger side of the transmission housing to be sure he wasn't hitting a wire. Need it far enough forward to let the seat come forward without dislodging the phone.

Anyone know where it might be attached - or - know where we could get a 2002 M3 Coupe wiring diagram.

Or maybe better yet, know of anyone who makes a dash mount with a hand set for the Nokia that would work on the M3 Coupe.

Couldn't mount the antenna at the top center of the back window. Headliner too tight - unless some wiring is showing. Any thoughts on that?


03-23-2002, 08:01 PM
Will allow mounting with drilling any holes. Actually, it sounds like they already wired it, but you can use all the wiring for the factory phone (including the antenna wire) that's in the center console. As far as the antenna the either of the two factory phone antennas (Shark Fin or inside bumper mount). I have pics of my Nokia car kit on my car using a ProClip mount and a Shark Fin antenna. Click the link and go to the "new pics" album.

03-23-2002, 08:06 PM
the links for the mounts and the how-to use the factory wiring. (this shows the wiring in the center console and how to use the factory phone speaker instead of mounting the ugly nokia one somewhere)

I can't remember where the antenna mounting instructions are, but email me directly if you decide on the shark fin the I can tell you how to install and connect it. Be sure to order both the antenna and the Falkra to Mini-UHF connector

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