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04-01-2002, 12:33 AM
I've driven manual transmissions for quite some time now. I'm usually pretty fast with the clutch, but I don't admit to be the smoothest.

I have had my SMG M3 for about a month now, and have 700 or so miles on it.

In the past, driving with my wife in my manual transmission equipped cars have not been real enjoyable. Even though she would not tell me all the time, I could tell she thought I was a little abrupt with the clutching. Kind of an old habit of being off the clutch know, for longer clutch life. Even when I tried to drive a manual ultra smooth by slipping the clutch more than I would like during take-offs and shifting events, I still could not match a decent shifting automatic transmission for smothness.(all the time at least)

We decided to take my car out today. I use S5 and short-shift to about 3000-4500rpm depending on the driving situation. I tend not to lift during shifting at these engine speeds. My wife has not been in the car for a while. Today, she commented on how well the car shifted (at least a couple of times). I commented that the car could shift
and take-offs smoother than I could ever do in my past vehicles, and she fully agreed. And this is in S5, although I believe I was timing the shifts for the correct throttle position.

At the end of the night, I slowed down to go up our steep driveway, commended 1st gear & slowly moved up the driveway to the garage (sometimes a tricky event for smoothness in a manaul). And again, she looked over & commented that the transmission is very smooth, and I agreed.

Today makes me appreciate the SMG, it shifts smooth at lower speeds when you are not trying or needing to push the car. And when you what & need faster & firmer shifts it delivers. Also, I have not had a bad take-off from 1st (or 2nd) gear yet!

SMG is the best of both worlds for me. I just love it.

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