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04-24-2002, 02:32 PM
I believe someone may have inquired here about this before:

Is there any way to find out how many M3 allocations a specific
dealer gets for a specific month?

I am at the top of a list with a dealer whom I have a signed contract
with at a pre-negotiated price - but I fear he may be selling the allocations he is getting to buyers who will pay much more than I
have agreed to, especially since I am an an out of area buyer to
this dealer.

I know this is a tactic used by some dealers, but as a buyer how
do I protect myself? How can I find any info out?

Thanks for any input........

04-24-2002, 02:45 PM
Dealers have very broad flexibility on what they do with their allocations. I agree that the _right_ thing to do is a first come, first served policy, but dealers are not required to operate that way. They are lying if they tell you one thing, and then do another, but sadly this is rather common.

It's usually not hard to spot dealers that are selling spots out from under the waiting list. Cars arrive at a somewhat steady rate - typically 0.5 to 1 car per month at smaller dealers, 2 to maybe 5 or 6 cars a month at larger dealers. If you list spot moves _backwards_ or does not move at all forwards at a rate which would generally match the flow of allocations, then your dealer is playing games. Proving this is darn hard. I don't believe your dealer has to show you his allocations, and I doubt BMWNA would help you.

So the answer is to pre-research where you plan to buy - go to the known honest dealers - they do exist. Favor dealers that are clear about their list process, and who are willing to show you their waiting list, your number, and report progress periodically.

If you do get stuck at a dealer who's playing games, by all means start calling around looking elsewhere for either an inbound car which matches your needs, or an allocation spot which is not spoken for. If you're willing to drive a ways one time on pickup day, you can shorten your wait and reduce your frustration. Plus you are helped reward the honest dealers and (maybe) start to punish the game playing ones.

The real answer here would be for BMWNA to start policing the dealers. It appears they have no intent to do that in any way - gouging and slot theft are well known to them and if anything they send _more_ M3 allocations to such dealers in following months. No, BMWNA can't dictate what the dealers do. But they do control where the M3's go - I say a simple policy of sending cars to dealers that are honest would quickly get almost all of them on board with behaving better. Fact is, BMWNA doesn't want to offend their dealers - so as long as you push cars out the door, you can do whatever you want in BMWNA's eyes.

M3 in MD
04-24-2002, 03:34 PM

04-24-2002, 07:03 PM
You have touched upon an issue which I believe is quite common for those who have placed "orders" for new M3s. I would be surprised if your dealer was NOT selling M3s from under you for a higher price. How can you protect yourself? Well, when I placed a deposit I got to see the dealers allocation list. I was number 6 in line to get an allocation spot. As the dealer printed new allocation lists, I would look for the M3 slots and began a count down of sorts. So you might want to ask your dealer to see their allocation list. If they show you that all the M3 spots are taken on their current list, then you should have the first spot on the new allocations, right? Good luck in getting this info, many dealers resist showing allocation list for obvious reasons.


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