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04-25-2002, 10:16 AM
I have raced 2 in my car. Both were new 2001+ ( you can tell by the wheels). Both were on highways. I haven't done a standing start but from 30-100 I put about 3 cars on a white one. It got much worse over 100 mph. The second

Funny story, on the day before Easter, I was in Houston visiting my mom and step dad. On our way to dinner, we took my car as they hadn't had a chance to see it. My mom and Step-dad were in the back and my brother and I were in the front.... (I'm 6'3" 210, my brother is 6'1" 280, my mom probably weighs about 140 or so and my step dad is about 175)... anyway, we were on the Sam Houston tollway and I dont' have a toll tag because I live in Dallas.... anyway, I went through a booth and all of a sudden a black F150 lightning screams past me (2001 or 2002 because of the new wheels) I was only doing about 40 (just getting up to highway speeds) and my brother starts talking about how sweet they are..... The guy slows down and I can see and hear that he is egging me on... He had a passenger too So, I smile and hit the sport button (while in 3rd gear) and we were off.... he got about a full carlength jump on me (Should have been in 2nd) but by 80 mph I had made up the difference and was really walking past him. I think by 115 mph I had about 3 1/2 car lengths or so. No sh*t. My mom didn't get too upset but then again, she has ridden with me before and has an Estoril Blue M Roadster. :) she thought we didn't go over 100. My step dad (who has some track experiance) leaned forward and said " Sean, if you had lost to that pickup....... I bet you would have sold this thing tomorrow" I told him yeah, but they can be really REALLY fast. My brother was on his motorcycle (Suzuki 650 ~it is an older one and he is a BIG boy) and told me that a Lightning kicked his [Oops!] on his bike from 30- 100 on the 610 loop one night. Supposedly that guy had almost 560 hp to the wheels or something like that.....

Point of all of this is that the Lightning is a great truck but in NO WAY should you ever lose to a stock one unless you are sleeping. But, be very careful...... they can be modded rather easily and some are posting 1/4 mi times in the 11s.....

- ty :-
04-25-2002, 02:37 PM

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