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06-07-2002, 04:37 PM
The 2.7L is feared by some because of the chain tensioner (also a problem with the 3.0), the copper valve guides (the 1977 2.7 has bronze, just like the 3.0), and the studs pulling out of the magnesium case - especially those with thermal reactors (excess heat). For a 1977 model the only problem unique to the 2.7 (vs 3.0) is the magnesium case.

IMHO a nice well maintained '77, based in a cooler part of the country, with no thermal reactors, and no cylinder base oil leaks can be a bargain. Excellence shows pricing about 1/3 less than an SC. You can buy a '77, drive it a few years, overhaul the engine (yourself) if/when needed (with upgrades), and drive it another 25 years without spending more than the SC would have cost - there is no guarantee the SC wouldn't have required an overhaul either...

I owned an old "out-of-favor" Beech Bonanza airplane whose engine had a "reputation". I flew it conservatively and maintained it well without major problems. Bought it for $11,000 (compared to $30,000+++ for preferred models at the time) and 11 years later sold it for $12,500 after a hail storm wrecked it while parked on the ground.

Buying out-of-favor stuff can be a good thing if you manage your risk.

Duane S.
06-11-2002, 05:31 PM
I agree Dan,
Bruce Anderson's Porsche repair book backs you up on this, claiming that once you address the case stud, and valve guide issues on the 2.7 you will have a fantastic motor, and he says it is the motor he likes the best.

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