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06-17-2002, 03:54 PM
Jim -
Couple of questions on replacing stock ContiSport Contacts on an '01 330i with Sport Package.

I'm in Portland, OR, where, as you might guess, it's wet about 3/5 of the year. It only snows probably 1 to 3x per year, but I have a 4x4 I can drive when needed.

I just bought this car with 22.5K miles on it. The front tires look like they have a fair amount of tread left, but the rears are nearly bald in the center of each tire.

I've read your recommendation not to replace rears with a different model of tire than the fronts, so I think I should probably get a full set. The Bridgestone S-03's look nice, but I'm wondering if they're overkill for my needs. I want a relatively high performance tire - comparable to what came with the car - I'd say my driving is only moderately aggressive, but I'm more concerned about treadlife and price than ultimate performance. With that in mind, what would you recommend?

06-19-2002, 02:16 PM
The S03 would be a wonderful tire in your area with exceptional wet and dry handling. You would need to decide whether it would be overkill in the handling. If the answer is yes you could look at the Sumitomo HTRZ II and the redesigned Bridgestone RE730. They will save you some money and still give you excellent wet and dry traction with a little better wear.
If I can help let me know.
Thank you

Jim 800-428-8355-364

06-19-2002, 03:43 PM
One thing I'm concerned about is driving on wet roads when it's near freezing. We don't get a lot of snow, but it does get down near or below freezing in the winter here a fair amount.

Are there any advantages to an all-season tire vs a summer tire like the S-03 or others you mentioned when it's wet and near freezing (but not at or below) - say low to high 30's?

Thanks again!

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