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11/01 PROD.#14498 LSB02M3
06-19-2002, 04:19 PM
hahah..I'm already having enough stress and paranoia knowing it's a NOVEMBER PROD. car! It would be awesome w/the warranty would replace it w/the M5 v8 engine..hahah.

06-19-2002, 04:28 PM
Anyone can know their rough month from their doorjamb. We know the "bad" spot in production does not fit neatly on one month - best guess is it covers later part of Oct, all of Nov, and maybe a sliver of Dec.

So we try to figure out what portion of the month various people are on from the VIN which does appear to go chronologically upward at a fairly predictable rate. Based on sampling of cars of known exact production date, we can come up with a guess as to the VIN range which is vulnerable which is more accurate than just "11/01". Having information makes us feel better sometimes, and it gives us something to do.

I'd guess it's not exactly 14000 to 15000. More likely very high 13's to upper 14's give or take several hundred. Clearly the range in and around 14100 to maybe 14400 is bad. Not sure how far out from there it extends.

But yes, I do continue to preach - regardless of your VIN, drive your cars, enjoy them, and maybe look forward to brand new motor courtesy of BMWNA some day at worst (if I can get mine to die at 49k miles, that would be a really nice upgrade for total-car-life) :)

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