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steven storch
06-26-2002, 11:26 AM
Anyone change the pushrod tube seals without dropping the engine? Can it be done?

If so, any special cautions, tricks, tips?

steven storch
1975 914-4 2.0

Paul G
07-08-2002, 03:03 PM
First of all get the Viton seals, they last the longest.
remove tin under the heads, pull valve covers, back off on the valve adjusters, remove rocker arms and pull out the pushrods. Keep these in order, they need to go back to the same rocker arm and lifter.
once you get the rocker shafts and pushrods out, you can start to remove the pushrod tubes. try not to use vice grips or channel locks on the tubes if you can help it. they are fragile and you do not want to dent them. Pull them towards the head, they are often stuck from goo, but they will come out with out to much problem. After you get them all out, (i always do one side at a time) get some Karosene and carefull clean the bores where the o-rings sit with clean rags or paper towels. I usually put paper towels into the case prior to the cleaning. use a toothbrush or what ever you got to get the bores as shining as possible. When everything is cleaned, put the new o-rings on the tubes, put some grease on the o-rings. (i can't remember which grease is best, I used a white lithium) and push them back into the bores. they go in real easy and you can tell when they are seated. Then put the pushrods back in, rocker arms (get that pesky pushrod tube retaining spring in there properly) and re adjust the valve lash.

If they are properly cleaned the new seals will last for many years. Remember, never use silicon sealer! That will only cause more problems! Good luck

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