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06-28-2002, 11:26 AM
I need tires for my 1990 RX-7. Stock tires are Bridgestone RE-71 205/60 HR15. This tire is great but no longer is produced. Question....does anyone have any experience with the GoodYear Eagle F1 GS-D2?

Here is the comparison from tirerack:

The Yokohamma gets great reviews but from an aesthetic perspective I just am not a fan of the tread pattern. Pirelli is a good tire but I have found them to be less than my first choice in past cars, (P6 on an RX-7 and P7Assimetrico on a Jaguar). The Goodyear is a new tire for this size and I have had Gatorbacks in the past and was pretty happy.

Thoughts ?

2002 X5 3.0L Sport
1990 RX-7 Convertible 25k


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