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Sidney B. Nice 91 750iL 100K
07-07-2002, 09:50 PM
I am thinking of buying 17" x 8" alloy wheels with 20mm off-set for my 91 750iL.

I love the Michelin X-One tires I have now. But I know Michelin does not make the X-ONE in the size I need for this application.

I am not going to be racing or performing in an autocross or rally anytime soon. I drive my 750iL to and from work in highway traffic and to dinner and a movie with my family. Tire loading and lateral g-force capabilities are not as important to me as wet traction capabilities, long tread wear and mostly a smooth and comfortable ride.

My preference/selection criteria
1) ride comfort
2) wet performace
3) long life
4) low noise

A) Please tell me all the different sizes of tires that will fit on theses rims on my car?

B) What tire would you suggest based on my preferences?

Thanks in advance
Sidney B. Nice

07-07-2002, 10:17 PM
I think you can go from 215-235mm tire width with 8" wide wheels, possibly a little more. Michelins tend to be noisy, at least the various ones I've had in the past.

Sumitomo HTR ZII are anoher quiet choice, although more preformance-oriented than the Yokos.

Go to and read the reviews.

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