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07-08-2002, 12:42 PM
Hi Guys,

I've had 911's but I'm completely in the dark with 356's. Here's the deal: My girlfriend's dad has a '63 356 B "60" coupe that he's neglected for years and wants to get rid of. It's been in storage for the last 3 years, and hasn't been started or maintained in any way for that entire time. Prior to that, it sat in an old barn for a number of years. It has only 50K original miles, the body is fine but has little rust bubbles down behind the front wheel wells. It was painted (cheaply) silver (was grey) in about '78, after being hit in the passenger door. That was the only body damage the car ever suffered. The interior was redone green, and still looks good. Prior to storage, the car ran well, but supposedly needed brakes and carb work.

So what is a car like this worth? I'm facing paying the storage fees (around $6k), plus shipping the car from Cape Cod to SF (another $1K). Is this a car I might want or is this a potential nightmare?

Thanks in advance for any input/advice you might have!

07-11-2002, 09:04 PM
That's a hefty storage fee & you won't want to insult him with a low price for the car. B's are the least sought after of all 356's (unless you find a roadster) & you should be able to find a daily driver for not much more than the 6k + 1k in your local area. I used to live in Walnut Creek & 356's are fairly common in the East Bay & down around San Jose. If I were you, I'd keep looking.

just my $.02
58 356A

07-13-2002, 11:27 PM
definitely keep looking, we own a car that sat (64 356C) and nothing good came out of the fact that the car wasnt touched for some years... keep looking out there, you'll find what you need.

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