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imola cab23
07-24-2002, 02:01 PM
I'm getting them from Bekkers. i actually ordered them a few months ago and they're finally in, so I should receive them Friday.

back when i was ordering them, i was buying all sorts of stuff for the car...i.e. Eisenmann exhaust, ACS strut brace, Euro rotors, OEM 19's, S03's, UUC ssk, etc.

Now a few months later i can't remember exactly what i should gain with the sway bars. My car is a cab, so maybe the improvements will be more noticeable. I guess it....stiffens up the chassis, helps reduce understeer, improves turn in, reduces body roll.

Am I right on all of that? Should it really be a noticeable improvement? (by the way, the sway bar set includes front and rear).

Also, i just read a few posts down that the fronts will be adjustable. Adjustable how...and exactly for what?

Perhaps most the hell will i get these installed? I seem to remember that they should be rather labor intensive to install. I'm in the middle of nowhere...can a regular shop do it? Do I really need to go 200 miles round trip to a dealer to do it?

Thanks in advance. i would greatly appreciate input on this as well as any other info someone might be able to provide.

07-24-2002, 02:05 PM
sway bars on previous cars. Not to bad if you have all the little mounting parts. But sucks if you don't have access to a lift. Lots of crawling around under the car.

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