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08-15-2002, 05:47 AM
When I ordered my current M3 I was driving my MCoupe so I was not in an 'absolute' hurry; therefore, my salesperson would call me every couple of weeks with an update.

Now that I ordered my '03 the other week I am anxious ... go figure! Too bad I ignored all the posts from 'expecting' (with M child)owners asking the newbie question. The salesperson told me I could track my new car in the same place I keep my current information -- the Owner's Circle on the BMW site. Anyway, I could not find the link or it must be hidden in some nested option -- need a human factors UI designer here! I did not see the information I am asking for (following) on Loki's FAQ either.

I want to find the FAQ that tells me what all the status codes are and the site I need to go to track pre-production, production, and shipping.

As I sometimes say, give me a fish and I eat once, teach me to fish and I'll feed myself.

Help me RTFM! Oh, just in case you are wondering I am week 37 (dealer said to expect mid-Oct) and I chose TiS/IR to replace my LSB.

Thanks all.

08-15-2002, 05:51 AM

StL Don
08-15-2002, 06:57 AM
It is kid of cryptic in the Owner's Circle.
Log in and from your page you need to Add A Car.
You then enter either your VIN or your Production Number.
The site is smart enough to know that the car has not been built
and will add an Order Status(or Production, or something like that) option
on the right side.

Or you can call 800.831.1117 and give them your production number
and ask for a production status check.

If you don't have it, your dealer can give you the production number.

One thing to ask the 800# is a list of options, colors etc. for your car.
Make sure that what they tell you is exactly what you ordered.
What they say is how your car will be built.

<a href="">Production Status</a>


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