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02-21-2003, 09:40 AM
Hey guys, in the past couple of months, I've been learning more and more about classic Porsches. I've literally fallen in love with the classic 911 and 912s. I had a couple of questions though, and I was wondering if someone would be able to help me figure out the differences, and help me figure out exactly what it is that I'm looking for.

The cars that "appear" to interest me the most are the Porsche 912s, and 911s that came out around the late 60s. In particular, I've seen a few Porsche 912s that look exactly like the 911s. This brings up a question. What exactly is the difference between a 1968 Porsche 911 and a 1968 Porsche 912? Also, what years did those Porsches basically remain the same? I REALLY REALLY like the body style, and pretty much everything about the 68s that I've seen. What years did they remain EXACTLY the same?

Also, I would honestly prefer to purchase a Porsche that needs fixing up. I've seen the price ranges on TraderOnline go anywhere from $500 bucks, to about $15,000 grand. I've seen a few that were completely RUST FREE, minus the engine of course. Performance isn't my main concern, and neither is image. For me, the pleasure I get out of a classic car is.. well, it's hard to explain, but for me it's the engineering, and... heritage I guess (an example of why I love Pontiacs so much).

Also, what motors were available in 1968?

Any idea what I can expect to pay for a Porsche of that era that is pretty much rust free... but that needs a complete overhaul, with no body damage.


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02-25-2003, 12:00 AM
65 to 68 were the short wheelbase models and the essential difference between 912s and 911s was 4 cylinder vs. 6 cylinder. There were different 911 models that were performance levels for the sixes.

In terms of how much to pay for a straight rust free example I can only offer that I have a 69 912 that is complete but needs paint over the smooth straight rust free(a little corrosion in the battery box) body that is in primer and has been stored inside for ten years (Southern California) while I raised a family and got interested in other things. This was the first year of the long wheelbase 9s and the only year for a LWB 912 (not counting the 76 912) Black interior, 4 speed non sunroof and steel wheels. I would entertain offers in the $5000 range.Other sellers may be a little higher or lower depending on their level of complacency or desperation for selling ;-)

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Dave Hall
03-04-2003, 03:13 AM
Join the Porsche club of America( the Porsche Owners club and read up. The 911 has an expensive six cylinder engine and the 912 a four. There are a lot of differences and upgrades over the 900 series body style. Wheelbase, many different engines, suspension, brakes etc. 912's are reasonable, 911's will be expensive. Best to buy a clean rust free running car. So, with just like those Ponchos's you own, you need to do your research. Dave H.

03-18-2003, 06:15 PM

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