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02-24-2003, 07:29 PM
been driving my dad's e38 740il. it has the dsp sound system,which really sounds great. (fyi: dsp = digital sound processing - whole cabin sounds like a concert hall, and you can hear every little instrument on a song!) makes my hk sound like my daughter's plastic radio. here are some of my ?'s: (remember, i'm not a hi-fi jargon guy...)
1. is it possible to ugrade our speakers? if so, how difficult/costly is it?
2. is it the issue of the unit itself - kinda hard to replace if i don't want to lose the controls from the wheel, right?
3. originally, my first upgrade (read excuse to blow $) was going to be some rims when my oem 18's run out. i estimated i'd spend $4k-$5k. now i'm wondering what kind of a sound system upgrade i can get for that kind of money, or less?

02-24-2003, 08:40 PM
add a pre-amp, retain the head unit; all functions on steering will still works; except the speed sensitive volume and the "special" sound effect. but you will not need those and have opportnity to improve sound quality significantly; i done about $6K upgrade on my ICE :)

02 ///M3 SMG

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