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04-24-2003, 06:45 PM
Dear Roadfly members,

We are making our first ever site-wide call to ask you, the site members, to help us. We're not asking for donations, but we would like it if you could take the time to read this and perhaps help us out. (Pssst--read this whole posting to find out how to get a free PhatBox MP3 system for your Jaguar.)

We are experiencing record site growth, which is placing heavy demands on our servers. We need to add another database server to our cluster to allow for future growth of the site, and would like to ask that if you find this site useful that you consider signing up for an <a href=""><b>Inner Circle membership</b></a>. By signing up, you will not only help us get the new server the site needs, but you will get several benefits, including but not limited to

<ul><li>30 MB web space storage<li>10 MB email storage<li>IMAP and POP email access<li>FTP access to the private web space<li>Hidden IP address<li>Inner Circle only drawings. We've already given away a few thousand dollars of items from sponsors to just Inner Circle members, including a set of GoodYear Eagle F1 tires! Coming up very soon we will have a drawing for a <a href="">PhatNoise PhatBox MP3 system</a>, just for <a href="">Inner Circle members!</a></ul>

We have a lot more planned for Inner Circle members and for the site as a whole. We hope over the next two weeks to add enough Inner Circle members to allow us to add a fast new database server. We have a new search engine ready to go for all the boards that will be faster, more accurate, and will allow date sorting (something many of you have asked, even begged, for). Right now Inner Circle members on the E46 M3 board already have access to this beta search engine. We are using it as a beta test right now due to the level of traffic on that board. Once we have the new server in place, we'll be able to open up the search engine to all members on all boards.

Odds are by reading this site over the last few months or years, you have learned much and saved far more than the $29 it costs for a membership. If you can, we would appreciate it if you could help us help you by making the site better for everyone. As usual, we will continue to work our hardest to add features and to listen to what you, the users, want. (As an example of this, if you haven't checked your user preference settings, do so now. We recently added the ability to the boards to have the threads sorted in order by most recent reply. If you choose that setting, every time a thread gets a response, it will bounce to the top of the board so you see it right away.) We have much more planned for the future, and <a href="">Inner Circle members</a> can help make it happen.

--Alan and the rest of the Roadfly crew

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