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06-26-2003, 09:33 AM
Every day I get to this Message Board and there is nothing new. Plenty of chatter over on the X5 board (and plenty of pranks on their lounge)and always something interesting on the Z4 board. But nothing here. Simple enough - there is nothing to say. We had a handful of pictures the other week and a sighting or two on the street, but that's it. And delivery in to the U.S. is January? I can't stand it. I can't wait.

I figured all of you out there couldn't stand it either, so I thought I would write something. Like...why am I on this board? Here's the story:

We have a Freelander, but we want more power and something better on the road. But we need something for off-road, too. And we would love a manual transmission. And we want good gas mileage. We had a MB ML 320. First year of production. We waited 9 months for a piece of crap. The only car I ever had that actually stranded us. We couldn't wait to trade it in on an X5. We got the 4.4 with 19"s and SportPak (wrong set-up for off road). When my son went away to college, we figured we didn't need a big vehicle any more and we hated to take the X5 into the bush and get it all banged up. That led to the Freelander. We don't mind beating it up, but it has no power and it is not a good road-trip vehicle. My wife wants to go back to the ML (I hear they are better constructed these days - it also has a transfer case, a higher stance off the road than the X5, has a real spare tire, and the back end has a lot more interior space than the X5). I would go with the X5 because it comes with a 5-Speed, you can get heated seats with non-leather interior (to get heated seats in the ML you have to have one of the Luxury packages and when you get one of the Luxury packages you have to get the power moon roof - all of a sudden heated seats cost $3500), I can get a good deal on it (I'm a member of BMW CCA and they'll give me $1000 back on an X5 and I use the BMW Ultimate Card and I can get a lot of money back on that). The X3, however, might be ideal. I understand the interior space is going to be very "useable". And the size (overall/exterior) really is good for us. Maybe it's the perfect solution between the Freelander and something larger, like the ML/X5.

That's it. As usual, another day without news on the X3 message board. BTW, my wife and I are doing the BMW Precision Driving Class this afternoon. I guess they won't have an X3 to drive. Drat. Of course if they did, I would report it tomorrow. Now, that would be news.

06-26-2003, 10:47 AM
My wife seriously need new car. Two months ago her secretary and one employee came thru horrible crash, lady in Lincolnn Navigator ran the red light and destroyed their's Toyota Corolla, they end up in hospital, serious injuries - Air Bags DID NOT Deployed etc..
Since that my wife want a SUV. But not that big. We drive X5 as a third car but she wants something for everyday driving. When they released pictures of X3 I did not liked them much but she loves it.
So it is frustrating that first word was end of October delivery, now January delivery. Thanx for posting real experience with Freelander, because that was one of the options as well.

So lets set topic for the day:
Do you guys thing that X3 will have similar tail gate as X5?
(2 piece) I also would be really interested in retractable cargo floor.
I already know about another topic, for example where is a radio display, is it gonna be in the pop up display? So does it means that all X3 will have Pop up display or only the ones with the Navigation system? So the dash then will be diffent design?

Topic #3. Even the Canadian site shows model with unpainted bumpers.
When do we actually see the US version? I bet US will be #2 market for X3 (if not #1), so what's up BMW? Show us what you have for US.
(#1 market means Germany, but because everybody in Europe wants low gas consumption vehicle, they may not buy it)


06-26-2003, 04:53 PM
about but the wait is getting old 4 months now and counting. Would expect specs to be out in 2 months. I have interest in this board to keep up on all the x3 news but as you said, not much happening here. Also have a Freelander that am selling when the X3 gets here. Also have an X5 manual that is my daily driver, not much off road travel but does well here in winter.

06-26-2003, 04:56 PM
why did you get the Freelander instead of the Discovery II ?

i was considering the 4Runner V8 and the Explorer Eddie Bauer V8,
now waiting for the X3.
it's sounds very promising with it's size, anticipated pricing and being made in Europe.

06-26-2003, 10:07 PM
"I already know about another topic, for example where is a radio display, is it gonna be in the pop up display? So does it means that all X3 will have Pop up display or only the ones with the Navigation system? So the dash then will be diffent design? "

Look towards the Z4 those with the popup navigation display show the radio there, those without have a different head unit. In fact from the picture the headunits look similar to that of the Z4's

06-27-2003, 12:05 AM
I understand your situation but the X3 (from what I have seen) is going to be an extreemly ugly vehicle. Why don't you go with a better looking thing. I love BMW but it pains me to look at this car.

Trex (Z4 owner)
06-27-2003, 09:28 AM
As for the rear fifth door opening, my guess is that it will be like the X5 - split door up for the top and down for the bottom. I prefer it to the Freelander "Side Swing" or the ML 350 "Watch Out This Dude Is Swing'n Up".

06-27-2003, 09:30 AM
For us, it is an alternative. Is it peppy? Does it have enough power for you? What is the MPG? Have you had it off-road? What wheels and tires? I could talk about X5s all day. They are really great vehicles.

06-27-2003, 09:34 AM
Ever drive one? That thing is one, if not two, generations behind everything else. It really is a 25 year old design that has been face lifted too many times. I have driven several over the years and they have slowly improved and been up-dated, but the motor is a joke, I don't like the ride and you sure don't want to hustle it down a twisty back road. Quality has improved from just a few years ago when parts would fall off the vehicle and that was a function of BMW (briefly) stepping in. I'm Old School, but I'm not Olde School.

06-27-2003, 09:48 AM
That front end does look a bit pinched up and the back end has no joy in it. Here is my experience with looks. I bought a Z3 a few years ago and I didn't like the looks of it. I compared it to the Boxster and the MB and I like the way the Z3 drove and I got one. It looked like a sneaker, but I loved it. By the time the three year lease was up I thought the car was pretty good looking. Yesterday, my wife and I were in my Z4 going to the BMW Precision Driving Event at Philadelphia Park and we were on Rt.476 and there was a late model Z3 (Grey) in the center lane and I just held back a bit to observe it and my wife and I agreed it was a classic car. It now all fits together. The goofy gills are now just right. That wierd Joe Camel nose is now perfect. The proportions and the lines - it is a classic in my book.

And what about my Z4? Talk about a Joe Camel probiscus! But every time I wash the car and I get to see and feel the flow of the car, I get to appreciate the design better. And it is a fanastic car. I had an X5 and I was not wild about the design, but it, too, grew on me. And with a 4.4L motor it was a blast. By the time we got rid of the X5, I really liked the looks of it.

One more thing and I learned this with the Z4: you gotta see it in the flesh. I thought the Z4 was just plain ugly from the pictures. When you get to see one in person and you get to walk around it and you get to see different colors, it makes a big difference.

Yeah, the Z3 looks a little runty. My guess is that it will look better in real life. And that interior looks fantastic. And a six speed transmission. And a lot of interior space. Can't wait.

06-27-2003, 05:18 PM
<img src="">
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07-03-2003, 11:29 PM

07-07-2003, 08:27 AM
It has the power needed but could use more for towing the boat, 2500 lbs. A lot more responsive than the Freelander all around. Get 19.6 mpg average, mostly on a 54 mile commute to work on good county roads, 60-70 mph. I have only one set of wheels so 17's with scorpion zero's. I would like to have 20's for summer but the 17's do well. No off road other than the lakes in the winter. I think you mentioned you had the 4.4, nice, I would have went with a 4.4 if available with standard trans. My wife is getting the X3 with auto trans, we were hoping it was a 6 speed auto but now it looks like the 5 speed.

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