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07-15-2003, 12:34 PM
I'm sure most of you have noticed the "thread hits" and "views" which now appears next to each message post. It was a feature which some people wanted and some people didn't. We've had quite a few thankful emails hopefully you're enjoying the new feature.

However, the most important change to the message boards in the past day or so has been the addition of the new One-click Picture Post feature. Over the years we've had numerous complaints about the difficulty with including a picture in your post. Explaining to people that the picture must be publicly available on the Internet was only half the battle. The other half of the battle has been teaching people how to write the correct URL for inclusion in their message. Points like, case matters, slashes matter, etc mostly fell on deaf ears. Alan has solved the problem! Alan added a very simple and easy to use system last night which basically allows you to click in a drop-down menu on the message post form and have your picture directly included in your post.

It's super easy and fast but you do have to be an Inner Circle member to have the feature available. This is how it works. As always in order for a picture to appear on the Web for others to see, it must be on a Web server somewhere. Roadfly provides every registered member free Web space for this purpose. If you're an Inner Circle member your Web space can hold one hundred pictures totaling up to 30MB and you can have direct access to these photos from the message posting page. You'll notice that there's a new drop-down menu which appears above the "Message Post" box when you go to post a message. If you're logged in all the pictures in your Roadfly personal Web space will automatically appear in the drop-down box. Select one or more than one and it will automatically be included in your message. It's that easy!

For those of you that haven't joined the Roadfly Inner Circle yet please do. There are dozens of special features which are only granted to Inner Circle members and this is one of them. There are also special give-aways, special product discounts and more which are only available to Inner Circle members.

Help support Roadfly and join the Inner Circle by following this link:

<A href=""></a>

Alan, was beta testing the feature on the E46 M3 Board last night. Here's what Inner Circle members on the M3 board have to say about this awesome new feature.

<a href=""></a>

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