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07-20-2003, 03:09 PM
You can now use the new search engine we have been working on! At the top of the board, just to the left of the link to 'Search', you will see a link to 'New Beta Search'--try it out!

As of right now, the new search engine is entering our 'beta 2 phase' for it. The beta 1 version of it was available only to Inner Circle memberships while we tested it (membership has its privileges ;-), but we now feel it is ready for all members to try it out.

As long as you are logged in to your free (or <a href="">Inner Circle</a>) <a href="">Roadfly account</a>, you should be able to access the search engine via the link at the top of the page.

There are two ways to search: 'Natural language' and 'Boolean'. In the natural language search, you just type in some words related to what you are looking for, and the search engine will try to find results that it thinks are most relevant to those words. The results will be listed in descending order by 'relevance'. You can choose to sort the results by date in ascending or descending order. As of right now, the new search engine will find all posts up until sometime this weekend, July 19/20.

The boolean search works much like Altavista. You put '+' or '-' to tell the search engine that certain words must be included or excluded from the results. For example, to search for posts containing both 'wheel' and 'chrome' but not 'bling', you would do a boolean search on

<ul>+wheel +chrome -bling</ul>

The boolean search by default returns results in descending date order, but you may switch that to ascending if you wish.

We have more features planned for the search engine, such as the ability to search on message author, title, only posts with pictures, only posts with links, etc., but we wanted to get what we have so far out to you right now.

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