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08-14-2003, 06:00 PM
I can pretty much blame one of friends who owns a chipped Audi for making me buy the chip for my car. I was so impressed with the performance from the chip, I had to get one, so I submitting my order to Marcus at PUK Racing for the modified S4s high TQ code. This chip is based on the S4s code, modified some to give more low-mid power. Well it came in Monday and went in Monday night. With the help of a friend I got the socket soldered into the memcal and in went the chip. Finally got her on the road yesterday (damn rain finally let up!). Wow, what a difference. Right off the bat, everything seems smoother. Smoother power, smoother tooling around town. Idle is still great as well. Step on the gas and she just rockets off. No more waiting for boost to build or switching to the right gear. If you are above 2500rpms, the car will move and move she does. Pulls real nice, real hard, much better than stock. Basically feels like it is in overboost all the time with a little more kick down low. I only have maybe 30-40 miles on the car since the install so the ECU still has some learning to do, but every mile is getting better and better.

Definitely the best modification I could've done. I also ordered a BOV at the same time which will go in shortly. If you happen to have a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, I highly recommend either this chip or the 330HP code, which I got as well (but will not put in for a while so I can enjoy this chip some).

08-15-2003, 10:12 AM
...dynoing it?<br>

08-15-2003, 01:16 PM
I do have plans to dyno the car. Now that I have a RWD car (have 2 AWD cars as well) I have a couple local places to go. I just have to make sure the low front of the Esprit can get on the one dyno that is 5 minutes from me, otherwise I can go to a friends' shop. I am going to let the chip do all the learning and then hopefully hit it in a week or so. I also have the modified S4s code and the 330HP code which I plan to throw in and dyno as well evntually. That way we can get a good comparison of the different chips available and what to expect. I have to reburn the stock S4 code to a chip since I kinda messed up a couple pins removing it, but I would like to get a side by side of the stock ECU and the various upgrades. The only mods my car has is a catback exhaust and K&N and eventually a BOV, non of which should alter the results very far from the car being stock.

I know a couple people who dyno'd SE Esprits with the HT code and both got 268WHP/288WTQ which is just a phenomenal gain over stock. I assume I will be in that ballpark as well.

10-10-2003, 05:49 PM

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