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08-15-2003, 10:56 PM
.... I won a certificate for a set of tires at my BMW club driving school!

I don't need tires at this time, so I though I might offer someone a discount on tires - and put the cash somehwere else.

Here are the details:

I can get ANY size of the sport/street model tires (no track tires) from Dunlop.

This includes the following models:

GT Qualifier
SP Sport FM901
SP Sport 5000
SP Sport 8000
Sp Sport 9000
Sp Sport A2

The Sport 9000 model has a DSST version which is their run flat technology.

I am offering 20% off pricing - which is ususally the best price available.

email at

I can accept Paypal / and prefer not to ship (although possible).

Don in Ohio (bimmerdon on Ebay)

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