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08-22-2003, 03:32 PM
I had to remove my cluster to change my si batterries and do some board repairs. I found a few 'wires to nowhere' behind the assembly and want to know where they are from. My factory manual is not helping. I hope someone else can. Connected to the assembly were three multi pin connectors-white, blue and yellow. Then there were two thin wires (one green, one white with red stripe going to the 'idiot light (bulb) for the anti lock brakes. Thats all I found connected and only see one other possible place for any more wires to go to the cluster assembly/boards. I refer to two small pins exting the rear of the assembly, located behind and below the tach. It sits midway between the tabs of the plastic 'code' identification piece. These two pins go through the instrument board and are integral to it, each beginning a copper path. These pins look like as though they'd receice a small connector but which/from where? "My three errant wires" The threee wires to nowhere I mentioned are as follows: a light blue wire with brown stripe ending in a metal coonector resembling an 'F', 2) a brown with reddish stripe ending in a blue connector containg a single metal prod or pole--the connector itself is the male half, and third and lastly, a brown wire with reddish stripe ending in a strange blue connector that Does fit over those two pins coming out of the board I mentioned before. Perhaps it Does go there and was simply disconnected. All help is appreciated from you guys. I know your time is valuable but I am at a loss and want to button it up correctly so I can drwaw the correct inferences about the board repair and any non working functions I find. Thanks-Scott

08-22-2003, 03:46 PM

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