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Jon Black on Black 733i
08-24-2003, 10:21 PM
I have a new alternator (rebuilt), and batt that is a year old, and checked all the grounds i can find and cleaned them up. The batt light still glows dimly and gets brighter with more things using power that are turned on.

have no idea what to do from here, its really annoying. It almost seems to get a little brighter over time, maybe im nuts i dunno.

Also there was a relay on the outside of my fuse box ('82) that has two green/yellow wires going into it, and one thicker green/yellow wire that goes from one of the inputs to another plug on the relay. One of the incoming smaller wires was broken off. Anyone know what that relay is or does??

i reconnected it in any case, but cannot seem to tell much of a difference.


08-25-2003, 07:44 AM
You symptoms seems like either your alternator is not filling your car battery or control wire (less likely but maybe) from alternator which drives yor batt light (red lamp) have loose connection or is corroded on it's end or bad ground wire from alternator. Does yours battery get drained shortly or not?

For a start, take voltmeter. Connect - (minus) lead of it to car body, engine block or something. Then connect + lead to car battery, with engine off. Now you are measuring voltage of car battery. Then start engine and again measure voltage on car battery, be sure that idle is slightly above 1000 rpm, this is when charging process is started (as I know there is some problem with idling and automatic transmission, so be careful not to blow your transmission if it is auto). Voltage reading when engine is on should be highier than with the engine off for 1-1,5 volts. If you have this difference in reading, then charging is OK as well as alternator and check smaller control cable from alternator and alternator ground wire (short one).

If there is no difference, or very little, or reading when engine on is even smaller then when engine is off, you should check wires from alternator to battery and alternator ground wire. Or your alternator is bad.

Hope it helps a bit, ask me if you need explanation.


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