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08-30-2003, 10:43 AM
yesterday i was at the track day for the west coast lotus convention. unfortunately my westfield decided to pour its oil out all over the track (sincere apologies to all who lost track time because of this) and so i was forced to run my mini. the surprise was that in my bone-stock cooper S i passed several esprits, including a V8 in the advanced group. now granted i have a lot of laps on this track and all, but i'm by no means a pro... so either the esprit is very difficult to drive or the owners don't track them often enough to gain experience and confidence with the car. i'm posting this in the hopes that esprit owners would consider spending their money on track days instead of chip upgrades. a car is only as fast as you can drive it. and i'd really love to see some fast esprits out there.

09-30-2003, 11:00 PM
I agree whole heartedly about track time and lack of skill. I am mainly a mechanic but sucessfully campaigned a 23B sports racer in the early seventies. I have a blindingly fast series one esprit but can't get enough down force to make it safe to race. I did a pratice lap at Phoenix Intl. thru the traps at 162.8 MPH but the slightest brease or passin another vehicle above 140 and I was spining out of control. I've a fully jointed suspension but nothing I tried would make it grip. Cheers, Bruce

10-04-2003, 07:32 PM
not racing. stability above 140 wouldn't have been an issue at our track since i never see above 130 in any of my cars (and some of them generate decent lap times), and on the day in question my mini never went above 115. i've never been to phoenix but most other tracks i've been to have top speeds even lower than that - thunderhill, sears, laguna. actually my westie never gets above 120 at portland due to barn-door aero and yet it's the fastest car i have lap-time wise. the only cars i've ridden in that go above 140 at portland are f40, f50, enzo and radical SR3.

what have you done to your s1 to get it above 160, anyway?

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