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10-24-2003, 08:37 PM
I isolated that "sproing," or "crunchy" spring sound that I've had since my GC installation two weeks ago (driven for only one week, however) to the passenger front coilover. My mechanic popped the wheels off today, and noticed that the spring for the drivers side could rotate freely against the camber/caster assembly, but not in the problem passenger side.

Turns out the sealed bearing in the round platform agains which the top of the spring seats was completely seized. The sound I was hearing was the spring trying to rotate, and abruptly reseating. Not fun. The photo shows where it doesn't rotate on one of the assemblies (altered stock GC photo, not actual).

<img src="">

GC is sending me a new sealed, which they tell me is easy to swap out. I hope so. The bearing is a high quality OEM BMW part, and they have never seen it fail before.

Hopefully will get this all wrapped up by Wednesday. In the meantime, a generous coating of lithium grease at the top of the spring is substitute for a working bearing.

So, before you intall your coilovers, this is one thing worth checking.

- Bill

<br><img src="" height=131 width=175 alt="6-sp jb coupe, imola int -- GC street coil-over kit d/a Koni front; UUC SSK with bearing upgrade; evosport 19" RG-8s (on order) -- UUC RKIII and Big Boy clutch stop; Rogue alum e-brake lever; LeatherZ shift and e-boots; Active Autowerke billet oil cap; Bimmian painted reflectors and driver's side key hole cover; Euro-OEM split reflection driver's mirror, roll-top console tray, emergency kit, and trunk-mounted warning triangle; OEM Z3 cargo net, alum pedals, overhead driverís side grab handle; Philips Silvervision signal, SPP fog bulbs; hardwired V1; Pro-fit VSM for Sony-Ericsson T-610; visor labels removed">

10-24-2003, 09:06 PM
crazy! sorry to hear of your troubles ... who would've thought that would be a problem?!

<br><table cellspacing=5 nowrap align="center" frame="hsides"><tr><td align="right">
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35% tint<br>
brembo gt kit<br>
euro equipment<br>
folding mirrors<br>
clear bra<br>
uuc ssk<br>
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hre 545r<br>
toyo t1-s<br>
eisie race<br>
gc 450#/450#<br>
etc ...<br>

10-24-2003, 10:27 PM

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