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10-26-2003, 10:08 AM
I have been struggling for months to figure out the perfect iPod install in my 2003 M3 cab. I think I found it.

First, I am using the BlitzSafe Aux adapter (I do not have a CD changer, so this is simple). I ordered this for about $100 from LogJam Electronics.

Next, where to put the iPod. Well for this, I am replacing the cup holders with the "rolltop" storage bin, and will install the iPod inside that (and the bin can close so no one rips it off...). Waiting for the part # for black, but this should be less than $30.

Now, the ultimate solution to dealing with accessing the iPod when driving (and the wiring). I ordered the Navipod, a new remote control that is about $50. This device has a small unit that plugs into the top of the ipod, and has pass through ports to connect a firewire connection (power run from a switched 12v splice in the car to the unit). The device also has a pass through for a 1/8" plug (for the sound out of the iPod and connected to the Aux adapter from the BlitzSafe, run from the trunk). All wires will be run into the Storage bin and the Navipod provides clean connections, all stored inside the bin.

The remote control that comes with the Navipod will be attached to the back of the steering wheel with a small velcro fastener, completing the install.

I am sure that someone else thought of this whole deal before me, but I was so excited seeing the Navipod remote (go to the apple web site for more info, and see the diagram for the connections at


10-26-2003, 10:55 AM
I put the Aux input in and really like it. The remote is a great idea. Are you sure the IR will be able to reach the Ipod? It probably will but it is a consideration.

10-26-2003, 11:11 AM
I didn't want to touch the head unit and I believe that to install the aux input you need to deal with that. The Blitzsafe seems so painless as it goes into the trunk and would be easy to run into the console between the seats.

Regarding the IR remote, I thought about the same issue of the signal reaching the unit - if there are issues, I can move it to more line of site. Also, what I thought was cool is that you could conceptually "learn" the remote signals and use a different one if ever needed (maybe not in the car, but would be very cool when using the ipod in the house connected to a home stereo).

10-26-2003, 12:17 PM
Roady XM and my Ipod plugged into it.. Just use RF Splitters and plugged them both in.. Just make sure one is off and the other is on and they both work, otherwise you will be listening to MP3 dubbed Satelite Radio :)

-Alex Levy
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03 Alpine White M3
Cinnamon Leather / Aluminum Trim
SMG / Nav / Xenons

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